Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dynamic modeling

Recently I posted this on the forum at

My method as a sculptor involves working primarily from my internal vision of human form, expression, and anatomy. I get bogged down in a long held pose because it is often difficult for models to hold a pose that captures movement and active expression for more than a few minutes.

For me, the ideal is to have a model available and posing, but not necessarily for the piece I am working on.  The energy of the live model is more helpful than the actual pose.  And then occasionally, I need the model to strike the pose I am working on to help me work through a problem area in the work. Often these poses are taxing and can only be held comfortably for brief periods. 

With this in mind, I wonder about the idea of a workshop or unstructured session with a model who is simply available to hold poses for different artists in the room for a few moments now and then, working with different artists around the room as needed. This would only work for artists who work somewhat like I do, from their own internal vision.  It might work best with a regular group of artists who have established an interest in this method.  Otherwise it could be quite frustrating and chaotic.  Artists who rely heavily on a static pose to guide them through their work would not be comfortable in this environment, and could disrupt the flow.

Any thoughts on this?

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