Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catching up!

It's been a busy winter! I have hardly had time to think about posting here, and my photo album is seriously out of date. Since the beginning of January, I have lead  The Phantom Project, a pop-up gallery project that utilizes vacant retail space to house temporary galleries. In that time, we took the show from concept nearly through completion, and will have our closing reception this coming Friday. Beginning at the end of December, no one knew about us, and by the end of January, we had 270 art works submitted by 87 artists. The first Friday of February we had a standing room only reception for the show's opening in a 2200 sf. gallery space.  My work was represented in that show by a diptych in pewter entitled, "The Chasm."

Here's some of the press we got for the show: February 2 New Times, February 9 New Times, February 16 New Times.

In addition to the Phantom Project, I also entered, and won first place, in the Allied Arts of Cambria February juried show with "The Dance," an ensemble pewter piece.

I am beginning work on a new series in steel and epoxy clay that will take the recent conceptual work from my pewter series and expand it into new spaces.

And of course, while all this is going on, Peggy and I continue with Outside the Lines, our weekly email journal about pioneering your own creative life. We're hoping you will check it out. It's some of the best work we have ever done, and it just might change the game for you if you give it a chance!

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